We make good software happen.
Beautifully designed - precisely crafted,
based on a software-stack for the future.
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Web application development

We're offering professional web and mobile application development services, utilizing some of the most mature and time-proven technologies and cloud-based services. All for the sake of rich user experiences. Our passionate, senior team will make all the difference for your software project. Here's why.

UX design & prototyping

We start off with a usable prototype of the software, that's ready within DAYS of our engagement. Then we test it with real-world users and polish it, until it shines.

Proven process

Agile and Lean are in the center of our approach. We enjoy working closely with our customers and future users of our applications.

Beautiful Code. Delivered

Simply put, we are crazy about our code. We like it clean and well-structured. Knowing that we're doing a great job for you is just so rewarding (!)

Compelling graphics

The visual side of things is so important. That is why we work with some of best the graphic designers - to give your software the UI it deserves.

Architected for the future

We believe the future of the web technologies lays in bringing back the balance between front and back-end processing. The software stack we use allows us to build highly scalable solutions.

Support & maintenance

For the sake of your good night's sleep, we offer premier support services for all our custom-developed solutions.

Mobile application development

We turn ideas into beautiful and useable mobile applications. Our team has significant experience desinging and developing apps for smartphones and tablets, on both iOS and Android platforms. Find out more.
About us
We are a small software agency based of Warsaw, Poland (EU), working with an array of customers ranging from startup to enterprise. Most of our team has 10+ years of experience in software development for the web. We tend to focus on what happens behind the company walls, thus most of our projects aren't publically accessible. Find out below why companies like to work with us.

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